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We have an app for that.

We offer white-label and custom solutions, that help you deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

Built Strong.

Developed with the latest technologies, innovative design and focus on UX to provide exceptional experiences.

Have it your way.

Tailored and custom solutions delivered from your brand requirements

Stay Ahead.

Differentiate by offering your customers the latest market features. We keep innovating, you enjoy the benefits.


A highly customizable application that offers a wide range of features and customization options. Each client defines specific features, branding and content for their unique needs
Desktop iPad


Powerful responsive layout that adapts to any screen size. We support multiple devices & layouts.


Top-notch performance regardless of the size of your user base. The application scales as your business grows.


Built to deliver the maximum performance and reliability. We keep improving constantly so you don't have to.


Increase user engagement by providing access to the application on any web enabled device.


Go fully native without the need for a separate application that translates to consistent user experience at a lower cost.


Add more power and functionality by integrating your own or third party APIs and SDKs.


Let us count the ways...

Our App scales beautifully to different devices.
  • Published under your company identity
  • Integrates your company's and your clients’ branding
  • Customized features for each client
  • Multi-lingual content and interface
  • Available on iOS, Android and Web

Perimtr® Watch

Be informed about global events that may impact your customers. Get in touch with those affected by the events.
User Management

Tools for monitoring user engagement and safety

  • Access key user data, engagement and application performance.
  • Manage user preferences and enable features in real time.
  • Communicate with your users via email, SMS and in-app messaging.
  • Monitor risk exposure to global events and elevated risk locations (requires a thrird party license).
  • Monitor global events and incidents in real time
  • Stay informed about global elevated risk areas and location specific risk ratings


San Fransisco





Cape Town



  • Communicate with your users located near an elevated risk area or an event via email, SMS and in-app messaging.
  • Ask user to confirm their safety by sending them an acknowledgement request
  • Access location intelligence and risk rating for countries and cities around the globe.

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